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Molino Loft Studio

Los Angeles, California


The former industrial lofts of downtown Los Angeles, centered in the DTLA Arts District, have become popular live-work spaces, offering large spans and tall ceilings.


This loft on the ground floor of one of the most attractive developments in the area has become phase one of a multi-tiered build-out by composer Ted Reedy and his wife.


The personal studio is separated from the living areas by heavy soundproofed walls, yet easily integrated and accessible. The main writing room is positioned to allow for future studio expansions.


The clean and minimal white aesthetic, with the warm wood accents and indirect lighting, contribute to the light and airy feel in the enclosed space. A glossy white acrylic floor is extended from the living areas and further emphasizes the bright and cheerful atmosphere.


Fabric walls and ceilings and the wood diffusers create a balanced and pleasant acoustic environment for writing music, recording and mixing sound.


building use:

project scope:


construction cost:

personal music recording studio

architecture, interiors, acoustics

completed 2016



Media Facilities, Work+Live