Toy Box Music
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Toy Box Music

Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles-based film composer Toby Chu, best known for his score to Pixar’s Oscar-winning Animated Short Film ‘Bao’, has moved his workplace closer to home. The Toy Box Music studio takes the ubiquitous Los Angeles garage conversion studio to another, more professional level. Relocated from a commercial studio space to this new location, the studio is both more spacious and more elaborately detailed than its predecessor.


By adding a vestibule and bathroom, as well as an equipment room along one side of the floor plan, the proportions of the studio space were optimized, and the necessary amenities could be accommodated.


Given the compact size of the studio and the streamlined layout of the equipment and furnishings, the design is kept minimal, with all acoustic elements and wiring concealed behind light blue fabric panels.


The existing sloped roof is being used as a space for air conditioning ducts and for cove lighting, while it is capped off with a floating ceiling cloud, covered in fabric.


Part of the conversion included the updated exterior of the building, and the addition of a large deck serving as an outdoor hang-out space and transition to the existing pool area.


Main Studio Equipment:

  • Manley Variable MU, Avalon 737sp, Brent Averill 1272, Neve 1073LB, API 512V
  • Monitor System: Quested V2108’s, Quested X15 15” subs with the Quested SBC800 and Quested SR7s surrounds
  • DAW: Cubase, Pro Tools
  • Yamaha U1 Piano


project scope:



construction cost:

500 sf residential studio facility

architecture, acoustics, interiors, construction

construction completed 2024



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