MTSU Studios D & E
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MTSU Studios D & E

Murfreesboro, Tennessee


Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was founded in 1911, and is renowned for its Music and Recording Industry programs.


Their new nearly 5,000 square foot facility includes two control rooms with their respective recording spaces of various sizes. Both control rooms are identical and double as classrooms that feature state-of-the-art instructional technology. Studio D features a large orchestral tracking space, large and small isolation booths, and an amp closet. Studio E is smaller with a modest main studio room suitable to recording bands and overdubs, with an isolation booth and an amp closet. Both main studio rooms feature ceilings of over 17 feet.


All spaces are now generously sized and can accommodate groups of teachers and students, bands and ensembles, making the new facility the flagship of the school’s renowned audio program.


Many MTSU graduates have been awarded Grammys and during the 2019 broadcast, one anchor dubbed the school a “Grammy-winner factory.” The College of Media and Entertainment offers students the full range of media and communications for a career in the recording industry, film, television, journalism, public relations, and photography within a broad-based curriculum and unique hands-on classes.


Both studios feature Solid State Logic AWS924 consoles, Avid Pro Tools DAWs, and audio monitoring by Adam Audio and Phantom Focus, tuned by Carl Tatz. Hear Back Pro systems provide multi-channel cue systems and outboard gear includes API, Bricasti, Chandler Limited, Universal Audio, and more.


“It’s one thing to learn about a studio in a classroom, but it’s another thing to be in the studio learning about the studio,” said Tay Keith in the Murfreesboro Post. “Just to even have the ability to be sitting in a studio in class is, you know, it’s dope.”


building use:

project scope:


construction cost:

music and media arts educational facility

5,000 sf; architecture, interiors, acoustics

construction completed 2021



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