Crestwood Hills Residence
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Crestwood Hills Residence

Crestwood Hills, Los Angeles, California


The new residence is located in the historic Crestwood Hills neighborhood in Brentwood, an area with strict regulations enforcing a mid-century ideal of rustic modernism embodied for example in the work of A Quincy Jones and others. The preservation of views and a sensitive approach to the down-slope site dictated a one-story elevation from the street. A low profile and the careful positioning of the volumes makes the relatively large home appear modestly scaled in keeping with the neighborhood. The highly environmentally efficient house features a large glass volume for the living spaces and gorgeous views, while completely preserving the owner’s privacy. The house is powered by solar panels and protected with roof overhangs and exterior shades. Closely integrated into the historic surroundings, it features a typical transparent clerestory above the opaque walls and a floating flat roof with exposed steel beams. The solid walls are clad in Red Balau wood, contrasting with the large expanses of the steel and aluminum framed high-performance glass.


The living room, dining room and kitchen are all placed in the open volume, which extends onto a large deck through folding glass walls. Built-in mahogany cabinets and shelves, including a rotating shelf wall, help to keep the tall space open and uncluttered while adding warmth to the interior environment. Throughout the house, views of the canyon, the trees and the distant shoreline are carefully framed for maximum enjoyment as well as privacy.


building use:

project scope:


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single family residence

architecture, interiors, hardscape

completed 2011